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Caring for Your Computer

Computer Health Check

We Can Give your computer a complete health check including System Review, Disk Cleanup, Windows Updates, Antivirus Check, Adware Scan, Registry Check - $90 an hour.

Virus Removal

We Remove Viruses from your computer These are very common on computers that are not kept up to date with latest secuity features or do not have a good anti-virus installed.

Computer Cleaning

We Clean Your computer (desktops only). Although we can not always see it, pet hair and house dust love to live inside our  computers.  This prevents the cooling fans from working effectively and can eventually lead to overheating of the central processing unit.  If this happens your computer will no longer work.  The only remedy to an overheated CPU is a new computer.  The cheaper option is to have your computer cleaned regularly.

Take A Look at our Before and After pictures to give you a more graphic idea of what we can achieve.

This is the cooling fan protecting the Central Processing Unit
Here's how it looked before we cleaned it.
And here's how it looked after
here's the inside of a computer
And after
And here's the Power Supply Fan
and After
Power Supply Fan Before Cleaning
Power Supply Fan After Cleaning

It costs only
$80 to have us remove the dust from inside your computer, $20 to clean your keyboard keys and remove the dust from under them and $20 to remove finger prints and dust from your monitor.

So Call Us now and let us help you protect your investment whilst getting optimal performance.


At Karyn's Home Computer Services we come to your premises at no extra charge within the Mordialloc, Cranbourne, Mount Martha boundaries. For house calls further afield, we have to charge a $40 callout fee to cover time and fuel.


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